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Working in harmony with horses and people

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A new concept in equine training aids.  Our products are designed with three main aims.

- To work in harmony with the horse

- To be practical and simple to use

-To be robust and durable

EquiAmi Lunge aid, riding aid, Combi training aid, lightweight lunge cavessons, soft fleece rollers and lunge reins to provide the complete answer to schooling, training or rehabilitating the competition or pleasure horse.

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Welcome to EquiAmi training aids

How EquiAmi Training aids work.

When we ride our horse, we ride it in a loop. This loop consists of our right arm, right shoulder, left shoulder, left arm, left hand, left rein, the bit, the right rein, the right hand and back to the right arm. This loop gives and takes with the horse as he lengthens and shortens and moves with the horse around turns and circles to keep a soft, consistent contact. We are taught that, in order to have softness and acceptance in the horse, we need to keep a soft, consistent contact with the horse via this communication loop. When there is tension or rigidity in the loop caused by fixed hands or tight arms, we are met with resistance and tension in the horse.

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