US patent granted - WOW! New stock in now.

Wow! We have just been informed that EquiAmi training aids have been granted a full patent in the Unites States of America which is tremendous news for an equine product that began life in a small stable yard in Shropshire. This is certainly a moment to remember

Endorsement from Anna Brown

Anna Brown is a dressage rider and producer of top class dressage ponies from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Anna started using the EquiAmi lungeing aid after a demo in February 2011 on a very cold day! Anna has sent us this endorsement:

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Gaynor Davenport endorsement

Gaynor Davenport, the well known animal communicator who works with vets and top level horses, has recommended our training aids to many of her clients and has now sent us this endorsement:

Communicating as I do with horses, it was about two years ago when a horse I was working with told me how he had been worked in the school. At first I could not understand the comfort he felt, knowing what had happened to him while jumping and the problem he had balancing.

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Updated endorsement from Sue Brennan

Just to update you with regard to our use of the EquiAmi.

It is now just over two and a half years since I purchased your product and it is still in regular use. Firstly it has stood the test of time, and regular use, without showing signs of wear and tear, i.e. metal fatigue or any fraying to the rope.

The horses all respond well to it and there is always a marked improvement after we have used it on horses that come in for schooling, whether they have come because they are difficult or just need to be brought on more for their owners.

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Endorsement from Equine Management & Training

The EquiAmi is quite unique in terms of equine training aids. It is very quick and easy to fit and is so simple, yet incredibly effective; its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Designed to work with the horse, letting them work things out for themselves, it is a aid that can greatly assist those who are less skilled in the art of ground training work with their horses to achieve something positive.

With many so-called training aids, when a horse does respond positively, he doesn't actually receive a reward for doing so. When riding, we should reward with a slight release of the hands or a removal of the leg aid, etc. and it should be no different when using a training aid, whether from the ground or under saddle.

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New endorsement June 2010. Rehab success, and more...

Hi, I just wanted to say how good your lunging and riding aid are. I have tried all sorts of 'gadgets' - side reins, draw reins, pessoa's and the variations of it, chambon, de gouge anything you can possibly think off and our tack room is littered with them all. I saw your lunge aid advertised in a few of the horse magazines and read reviews and visited your website and finally decided to purchase the combi aid (lunge and ridden aid pack). It has sat in the tack room since before Christmas as I was very sceptical and confess I kept hold of the old gadgets that whilst did something did not give me the desired results just incase I was disappointed again but … WOW! I don't know why I didn't use it earlier!

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