Michelle Depper-Westwood

'I was first introduced to EquiAmi about 9 months ago. I was fascinated by the product as it was the first lunging aid to come onto the market that not only worked on the front of the horse but also passively encouraged them to work from the hindquarters without providing a fixed point for the horse to lean on.

curly at regionals

I started to use the aid on my own horse, who had just come back into full work from injury. He had completely lost his top line and had very little muscle left in his hind quarters. He took to the aid immediately, stretching down and forwards, and lifting through the back. I try to use the EquiAmi once a week and only this morning I looked at my horse and realised how far he had come. He has very long back legs and has a tendency to be on the forehand. In combination with an improvement in my riding and precision to not allow him to lean on my hand, the EquiAmi has encouraged ‘Curly’ to carry himself and work from his hindquarters. The lift he can now achieve through his shoulder is phenomenal as the picture shows. This was taken at the British Dressage Winter North West Regional Championships where we were 8th in the Elementary Restricted class.

I have also noticed a marked improvement to his balance on the right rein. Unfortunately we both have weakness on this rein, so during ridden work I have to correct myself before I can make an improvement on him. However, as the EquiAmi has no fixed points, Curly has to carry and balance himself on this rein, without the added hindrance of me working against him.

The one final added bonus of the EquiAmi, is that it is quick and simple to fit, and because the horse works that much harder I can quite easily fit a 20 minute lunge session in on a morning before I go to work.

I cannot recommend this product more as a lunging aid that does exactly what you want it to do - encourage the horse to work correctly and carry itself, without the weight and intervention of a rider.’
Michelle Depper-Westwood & Curly